Tuesday, January 16, 2007

trying not to feel bleah

today's sunset prayer ended at an record-breaking time of 6.57pm!!

so I headed down to the yih comp lab to print notes and see if I could finish up the history slides.

but after staring at it all, I decided I'd print the notes tomorrow, I didn't have the history text to fill in the gaps. having cramps now meaning I can't move. Wishing I'd get teleported back home somehow. But I've had my fair share of car rides in the past week. So while waiting for the cramps to subside...

do you know that the way you drive really shows your character?

The one person who wins hands down for the Best Driver Award is... Xiong Kun!
That's for offering to send fern AND me home at 12plus in the morning from Changi airport all the way down to Clementi and up to Woodlands.. and this crazy boy stays in Bedok I tell you. Plus, he doesn't scold you for missing the turns and ending up at Tuas. haha. Everything is a-ok.

The scariest thing, aside from speeding cars, which I actually relish, is getting scolded for giving the wrong the directions. I found the entire experience funny more than anything.. so shan't complain.

and, contrary to belief, girls are actually pretty good drivers.. so I say of hweeshan & rixin. But, some guys are nice lah. They drive safely because they realise they've a few lives in the carseats..

I really should learn how to drive.

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"... so shan't complain"