Tuesday, January 16, 2007

you know you are 22 when

you spend half of your birthday sleeping at home


feeling blissfully happy


your peers agree that it (sleeping) is a good way to spend one's birthday.
In fact, so Cheryl says, "when you get older, you get to appreciate sleep."


your youth calls you up on the phone, with a conversation that goes like this:

val: Happy Birthday Adeline!!

me: thanks val:)

val: so, how has your birthday been so far?

me: (as of 6.50pm) very good!

val: really? what did you do today?

me: oh! I spent my day sleeping.

val: sleeping? but that's so sad!!

me: haha. no, I think it was bliss.

hahah. I am so old. But, if some people remember, I kicked a mini fuss just before I turned 21. the horrors of adulthood. now, 22 rolls of the tongue easily. It connotes a sense of stablility.

And I do hope that this year will be a stable year, focused on God.

thanks all for the smses & presents & cards:)

ade in her swanking new pastel green birks!!

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debs said...

i always thought it was spanking new, not swanking? but anyway, whee to pastel green happy birks! *squee* :) happy birthday darl! :)