Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 gone..

and so, 2005 whizzed by in a flash.

to sum up 2005 in a sentence : God is faithful and gracious.

Faithful because He never changes, gracious because He has chosen me and forgiven me for all the pride and mistakes that i've made.

2005 was a year of many changes and challenges:
1. left qbc and joined wefc.
2. stopped youth leading, became a youth and then back to leading a bunch of youth again.
3. continued as a not-so-clueless freshie, with seniors watching out for you. progressed to a year2, still with seniors watcing out for you, but now, with freshies to look out for.
4. felt the painful separation of death.
5. struggled in school work, and prob will continue to.
6. started serving in vcf, through boggled cg and ifg.
7. made countless new friends, struggled with keeping in contact with the present ones.
8. moved house to just beside church.
9. did and still doing follow-up with a girl each from school and church.
10. have to learn how to live with my grandma under one roof.
11. grew in personal evangelism.
12. had prc camp:)

at times, i had immense fun, enjoying myself tremendously. sometimes, i got a little miserable and had learn how to live with God being sufficient for me. others, i dealt with demands and tried to meet whatever i could and needed to. still some, i learnt how to deal with disappointment.

but above all, i learnt how to be joyful in all circumstances. 1Thessalonians 5:18.

there are definitely many challenges this 2006, but i'd leave the resolutions for another post. would be spending extended time with God today, to make sure that what i do is what God wants for me. and if i can, i'd definitely blog on last week's prc camp. bon soir!

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