Friday, January 13, 2006

vcfers in classes

the only reason why i'm blogging now, it's because i just realised that today is friday the thirteenth. so i wanted the date up there. looks so cool, rite:)

*yawnz* is it just me? i dunno why this week seems to be going so so sloooowly.. gah. i can sit in a lecture, glance at the clock, listen to the lecture for what seems like eons, glance back at the clock, and i'm like... what?! only 5 minutes has passed? i think something is wrong. i've been very, and i should stress the word 'very' restless this week/semester. i enjoy the lectures that i've attended, but for some unknown reason, i've been quite sleepy. and, sleeping/dozing during lectures has never been a habit for me, especially, coming from scgs -- where teachers forbade anyone from sleeping in class.. to the extent that when i went pj, i had a culture shock to see people sleeping in classes..

so, as you can see, my first week of school has been quite a blur, literally.

one other thing that strikes me is that, for some unknown reason, why are there vcf-ers in ever single one of my classes?? i purposely (except for hy2207, which i decided to take because 1. it's the history of china and 2. debs& matt are taking it.. to keep my sanity) didn't plan to take classes with anyone, so that i could have free myself up to make new friends.. in fact, i thought for my engine and science mods, i would be only loony taking them.. but, apparently not:

el2111- serene, rita, daniel, matt and clemyee
el3254- adrian
gem1532- fern, andrea
lsm1301- mingjie
sw1101e - weiying, mingjie and shawn
hy2207 - the 3 of us.. ahhaha

as i was pondering during sw1101e, in a bid to keep myself awake, a thought struck me. perhaps God is doing so, to make me consolidate my friendships this semester, instead of making new friends. so, one goal this semester, is to build up relationships of previous years.

speaking of friends, this sunday's party is seriously going to be a riot.. i told my parents about 50++ people are coming.. didn't tell them it's actually 60++, because i know they'll faint (they already think i'm crazy for getting 50++). pray that God will be in control. i'm seriously a bit tired this week, to plan something for sunday=X sometimes, i wonder what i get myself into...

may God be glorified:)

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