Friday, January 27, 2006

jumble future

today was a good day, for various reasons.

woke up feeling a bit tipsy(especially when i talk).. met D for ee, J for lunch, ifg comm for prayer, WY at social work lect, then off to dinner with Dg and fellow viet students. and maybe met the future on the way there too.

been thinking, or rather, have been forced to think, due to circumstances, about the future.
how i'm going to pull through this sem, what i'm going to do next academic year, whether i should graduate next year, and beyond...

decisions.. life's practically on a platter for me now..i'm an adult. i do what i chose. in a sense, God has no control over me.

but, if i chose to be the one in control... i think, that spells disaster. because i know my plans, as much as i think i've got great foresight, in comparison to God's eternity, that's far-sight.. i'm like staring into the future with a pin-hole camera.. you know how everything appears upside-down??

funny how God loves to poke fun and tease His children sometimes. i got the brunt today, but, loved every minute of it with relish.

ok, i'm getting random. but then again, there is order behind the randomness.. ah. oh well. i did say i started off the day feeling tipsy;D

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