Monday, January 23, 2006

lyndon cana

this is a bit of a delayed time reaction.. but, tue's FT was real good. the best i've ever gone for. mr lyndon cana is like WOA. if you think you are busy, try this:

1. radio talkshows EVERYDAY.
2. lawyer by profession.
3. politician by calling.
4. preaches in church.
5. leads Bible study in church.
6. flies off to countries, like Singapore to speak.

of course, the moral of the story is not to be busy for God. nono... it's just amazing to hear mr cana speak so earnestly, and challenge each one of us to live the most for God, to not waste time doing meaningless things.

it's a criminal negligence to live a life of mediocrity and wantoness when Jesus has died on the cross for our sins. Jesus died, and are you just going to sit there, chasing after grades, money, clothes, games, *insert an object of desire*??

for me, it was rather encouraging that he kept saying he was speaking to the brightest in singapore, (haha.. ok, fine, so i needed some kind of ego booster that i'm not that dumb..) praying that not one of us would backslide.

i was personally challenged by his love for God, how it was shown through his actions and lifestyle. he spoke with such earnesty and sincerity and conviction that i could see why he had the people's support(and votes) despite having no backing from any influential sugarcane towkays.

challenged also to be responsible to the season of life that i'm currently in now: education. meaning, i should slog hard for my grades. but not slog for the grades' sake. rather glorify God through my studies and fulfill my responsibility as a student. also, that I'm called primarily to witness for God. and i do so through my life, my vocation.

if anything, these past 22 days have been quite a blur.. i feel like i'm drifting from class to class, feeling a bit off, not going on a straight path.. *shrugs* it's a bit weird. as if, i'm not eactly in-line/aligned with something.. can't quite put my finger down. just been living day-to-day, with no concrete plans.. don't think/know if this is good. makes me depend on God more.. but it just seems weird to have zero plans. i'm not thinking very straight here. should zzzzzzzz off...

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