Monday, November 20, 2006

Of doaps and Doulos

The past week seems to have passed by really slowly. A lot of stuff have happened. Which, honestly, is quite a lot to handle in a week. But, I'm still alive. Just a little tired.

I've had an overdose of Doulos this week, in the good sense. A team came down on tues for FT (fellowship teaching) and I was struck by the testimony of L who happens to be a PK (pastor's kid) too.. just that he's a SOAP (son of a pastor) and I'm a DOAP (daugther of a pastor). I think I can safely say I was never too problematic as a pk.. but L was really the stereotypical rebellious pk. What's amazing is how he found his identity in God and not in men. and, it doesn't hurt to say that he's cute with floppy hair. hahah. oh wellz.

God really spoke to me on thursday, when another team from Doulos came down to cg. The first was through the presentation of the world. Let's say, everyone in the world (all 6.5 billion) was to be represented by only 10 people:

3 are Christians: 2 nominal + 1 really christian Christian
2 are Muslims
2 are Hindus
1 is a Buddhist
1 is an atheist
1 is a tribal animist

and, for every 10 Christians in the world, only 1 would end up in missions and another would be actively reaching out back home.

1+1=2. only 2 Christians are effectively living out the Great Commission.

That really hit me.

The second thing that struck me was this G's testimony. I really like her. She's really beautiful (not pretty). She reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones, has such a wacky personality, has such a fire for God.

She grew up in a Christian home and lived a sheltered life. She joined Campus Crusade in uni and was really on fire for God. But it was only her mid-twenties that she was struck by the price Jesus paid for her. And that meant living her life only for Jesus. She decided she wanted to be serious for God. That also meant serving God together with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, however, wasn't keen on living all out for God. So, she made the painful decision of breaking up with her boyfriend of 10 years.

Don't know if I could ever make a decision like that.. then again, I don't have a boyfriend to begin with, let alone one of 10 years. so, heh. I don't have to make a decision like that after all!! Her testimony spoke because she was willing to give up someone she loved for God. And since I don't have that someone to begin with, I shall not harp for such things.

I am happy for her though, she's 33 this year, and when she goes home next year, she'd be getting married. Her new boyfriend was willing to wait 2 years for her as she went round the world doing God's work on Doulos. cool huh.

Eventhough my dream to get married by 25 seriously looks bleak, I was very edified by G's testimony. She was willing to give someone she loved, put things on hold for God. And God has blessed her ever so richly.

So, I guess waiting does have benefits. Ok, I'd wait =D

(sidenote to S: this is really waiting. press on!!)


woolly-headed lamb said...

*hug* hey ade dear... don't know if what i say will mean anything, but just prompted to share a verse with you. :)

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!

keep leaning on Him :) *hug*

damienqiuwenjie said...

hey doap!

thanks for sharing about doulos!

i m really encouraged by L and the doulos peeps too. just wished i was there to hear about G, or even visit the ship.

jia you for exams!!