Monday, November 13, 2006


This is the origami ball that Andrew made for me. So pretty rite? Heh. It was in exchange to keep moi mouth shut from annoying him. You see, he came back from Brunei with nothing for me. Which is fine. Just that you don't get your sister nothing, while you get others something-.-

Yesterday was a good Sunday. God spoke to me 3 times on impatience. First through QT, then through Tabby, and lastly through the Bible Study that Sulwyn led.

There is no running away from it. No.


debs said...

AWESOME! i want a brother called andrew who can do origami balls too! i should adopt him. teeheehee

[wins]* said...

wahhh preeeeeety! but tt doesn't mean u shd stop annoying him! keep on emphasising the content of the 'not your buddy' thing haha. and maybe he'll start making origami squares or something for you. lol.