Sunday, January 21, 2007

happy green frog

jon leong sent this to me while we were msning. and I have to agree.. it looks rather happy. ms asked how I am now. well, I'm not in a estatic mood.. but neither am I feeling lousy. I'm just feeling a-ok. would like to feel as happy as this frog. but, that seems like a silly wish because

1. this frog is just a jpeg.
2. it is afterall, a frog.
3. there was never a story about the prince who kissed the frog-ess.
so, hmm. ya. heh.


-- J e e L e e -- said...


There might not be any story of prince who kiss the frog-ess. But there might be a story of a SUPER HOT EL post-graduate student kissing the frog-ess. hehehe.

*cheeky smile*

[wins]* said...

hmmmmmm haha what's with the super hot post-grad? haa! and you made me laugh at the com when i read the no prince kissing a frog-ess part.. hahahah. super funny!

maicie said...

how can u blog, comment on my blog, and talk to me at the same time .... tsk tsk.

purplecross said...

ms: i can multi-task.. haha.
jl&wins: sigh. don't even mention the super hot el post-grad.