Thursday, September 22, 2005

da chang jin

S. is so going to kill me.. i just know it. and this time, it's 100% my fault.. ok, maybe i'll take away 2%.

i told her i may meet her at 9.30am this morning in school to go through the next 2 lessons of ee, which all depended on whether i could wake up in time.. and. ha. guess what i did last night, or rather, in the dead stillness of this morning??

i had a Da Jang Geum marathon!! for those clueless non-tv people, it's one of the latest korean tv dramas( or as some people would like to insist, soap opera) that has taken the world by storm. i'm not exaggerating. yes, thanks to edmund, i FINALLY got my hands on this show.. at the rate scv spits out one 45-min session/day, is simply pure torture i tell you.

but, you must know, me and tv drama serials are like.. er, bees to honey?? and, this show has to be really good.. so good to the point that i am willing to forgo watching another hk serial with my favourite actor: ron ng..

and so, in the words of wen, i "chose my tv show over a friend". it's hilarious, to me.. but not when your friend is a lil pissed with you.. to make matters worse, my stomach decided 2 hours ago, that it wanted to reject the food that i ate today.. so, i can't go to school, or rather, i'm still debating whether i should go to school tomorrow.. give myself the extra one day of holiday.. i still have all my stuff to pack(moving stuff to new house this sat). plus, i am really serious when i say i'm not feeling well...

the one thing that's stopping me is that, er... i told S. i would meet her tomorrow after our lecture instead, to make up for today. shucks. tell me i'm so screwed..i know i'm going to make her angrier..


this is one of those times i really regret doing something =X

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theories said...

HAHAHA. (: you try to hide identity with obvious lack of creativity. I hope all goes well with you. and if it's still of any consolation. I UNDERSTAND. hahahaha - wen