Saturday, September 10, 2005


i'm feeling a tad whimsical now. my house, it seems, can't wait to get rid of us. take my room for example. i endured for 2 hours, sitting hunched over a box, packing books, under a flickering room light. yeah. one of the bulbs in my room decided today that it couldn't decided whether to be on or off. and my mom commented how 'timely' it is.

if anything, some electrician guy is coming over tomorrow, to remove the oven, the 2 living room lights and the room lights and transport them to the new house for installation.. and according to my mom, we will be living in darkness til oct6. i think it would be highly interesting. interesting to the point that my mom nearly collapsed with laughther at the thought of living in darkness.. well, i'm glad she is in a good mood today. the renovation has been causing her much stress and distress. it's good that the marble grinder(the person, not the machine) is well, a pro marble grinder.. haha. one less thing for my mom to worry about^ ^

oh, take a look at this:

of all the brands for boxes that aunty josephine had to get for us: FARMER brand peanuts. i think it's rather hilarious.
1. the name is rather apt for our family.
2. peanuts?? people would actually think we are millionaires, esp with the not so recent NKF fiasco. Lol.

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