Saturday, September 10, 2005

God's ways

i'm feeling extremely disgusted now.

over an hour ago, i just watched a hk serial, where the female lead was almost raped. about 20 min ago, one of my prc friends, exclaimed "my god" when i said hi to him.
5 min ago, chanel news asia reported that they found a dismembered woman's body in orchard road.

i feel so sick to my stomach. sick to the point i feel like puking out the yoghurt i just ate.

about 10 days ago, katrina hit the south of america.
9 days ago, 3 women were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for organising a 'happy camp' for muslim children in some indonesian village.

you tell me, what is this world coming to?

i think the worst part about the whole katrina incident isn't bush(and yes, i am biased. i'm pro-bush, though his recent slow response to katrina has made me to lose a bit of the respect i used to have for him).

i kinda understand why the refugees would loot the supermarkets for food. i'll even give some leeway to those who loot rampantly at the shops. yes, we know new orleans is a black community, poor even before the hurricane hit. but, how can we justify the rape cases?

i was sick to the stomach when i read the reports on how men took advantage of the situation and raped women&girls.

the hurricane destroyed homes, destroyed the food supply, left people penniless and homeless, therefore they were/are hungry. physically hungry. i would like to know what justifies the sexual hunger. what is their justification for raping 7-year olds. to satisfy WHAT, pray tell. your hunger? those rumblings in your stomach? i don't think so.

maybe i'm thinking of things in very simplistic terms. i think in black and white. but i guess, as the Bible says, this is really the sign of the end times, when people are evil, so evil they do such repulsive things. i know i would never understand in this life time why. why God allows such things to happen. yes, i know the reasons, but i would never understand the intent.

above all, God is great. His thoughts are much higher than my thoughts, His ways are much loftier than mine. How can i compare my puny mind to His omniscience?

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