Thursday, September 15, 2005


i hate mess.

i totally can't stand the fact that when i come home from school, dead tired, esp when thursday is my longest day with 6 hours of lessons straight(no breaks) + cg, to a home that's in a mess. messy dining table with newspaperbowlsabel'stextbookspensandthelikes, messy living room with the cushions strewn all over, messy clothes basket with clothes overflowing, messy kitchen with bowlspotsandpans all unwashed, messy service balcony with half-filled pails of water(cos of the washing machine that is still spoilt), just a complete mess.

it's like, there's no clean house with some order and neatness. my mom can't be bothered, the males in the house obviously aren't bothered, in fact, they are the ones who contribute to the mess. messmessmessmess.. argh

guess who cleans up the house?? and no, it's not because i'm such a filial daughther, because, my parents obviously don't think there's any problem.. i just had to be born with this clean streak in me. i have to see neatness, order, everything in place. if i could, i think i would choose not to have this clean gene in me.. i think i got it from my paternal grandma, she's like.. woa. she cleans the house everyday. i, thankfully, am not such a complusive clean freak. i can live with a bit of dirt.. then again, maybe it's the enviroment at home.. i guess i've the potential of being a cleanliness maniac. my mom says i wasted my kindergarden school fees, because instead of sitting and listening to (boring) teachers (who insisted on A specific way of drawing the number much for creativity.), i chose to arrange the shoes of my fellow classmates outside the classroom in neat little rows.. even to the extent of washing the toilet basins.. haha. don't worry, i'm not intending to wash nus' toilets anytime soon. i feel better. got this out of my system. sigh. i wonder, if i can make such a fuss about physical mess in my house, what about the spiritual mess in me?? would i feel frustrated, rectify the problem immediately by clearing out whatever is bad.. so funny how life is, eh?

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delphinium said...

high five sista! =P i'm livin i in the messiest hostel known to man i swear, and many nights, i'd rather sleep over at a friend's house than to come home to the mess. and flith, cuz we have 3 day's worth of dirty dishes in the sink