Tuesday, September 06, 2005

what to do for my birthday

i know my birthday is not for another 4 months plus. and NO, i am NOT pulling a deborah by announcing my birthday, for , come to think of it, silly debs, why did you announce to the world your birthday? to get loads of pink presents??

but, i've been thinking about my impending 21st birthday, not because i want presents(haha.. that's an added incentive though).by the way, my mom just passed me this gold key pendant, which was given to her by her mother(my grandma) and told me, "eh, i've given you your birthday present already ah." To which, i retorted, annoyed of course, "eh, you didn't pay for that. so cheapskate-.-"

after hearing last year, the 21st birthday party that shawna threw for herself, and the testimony she gave to her friends; and reading grace wee's blog entry on her friend's birthday party that turned evangelistic... well.. i've been thinking, since last year, and especially more since i know i'm moving to besides church... i think you would know what i'm driving at. what better place to hold a party. heh.

my friends, especially my non-christian friends. sigh. i've been plagued with immense guilt recently. i did blog once about how they would always comment that i'm always spending time with church, and now, it's vcf and the likes.. like how last week, i was supposed to meet my jc friends for lunch in school, or rather, it was one friend, justina. to cut a long story short, i ended up having lunch with the hk exchange student, and even had the opportunity to share Christ with him. BUT, in the midst, my friends called and asked where i was. how was i to explain that i was sharing the gospel?? can one even compare the opportunity to share the gospel with one to a casual meeting of long time no see friends? don't even get me started on neglecting people.

anyway, the point is, i think my birthday would be a good opportunity for my friends to mix around and, in a way, understand me better. of course, i would be so blessed if i had friends like grace, who took the opportunity and shared the vision with another girl and went round talking to strangers, looking for the opportunity to share Christ and His love. i want so much that everyone i know would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, that eventhough i don't and can't spend mych time with you, i'll know that ultimately, we share in God's love and i'd see you in heaven.

so, my dear readers of this little blog, you've been told months in advance. my birthday is coming up!!! you know what to do:)

p/s: grace wee, if you are reading this, you are definitely invited to my birthday party^ ^

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