Tuesday, September 20, 2005

electric guitar

andrew picked up the guitar on his birthday, over the weekend. and since then, he has been strumming, banging(at least, that's what it sounds like to me=X) on my poor guitar. on top of that, i swear i hear it get hit accidentally against the wall or bed sometimes.. like mega *ouch*. i know my guit ain't in a good condition.. i didn't realise how bad it was til jie pointed out that dad's guit had been humidified( a bump had formed, due to humidity).. and then when i went home, alas! my guitar had a bump too.. oh shucks. and, i didn't realise how bad the tone was affected until i strummed weiying's guitar last thursday.. only then, did i realise that my guitar sounds really bad(while hers sounded really good. it was a warm rich tone..) =X i would buy a new one, if not for the fact that it's like not on the proprity list for now...

today, i was/am in a sucky mood... had a hard time trying to talk to people during arts fg.. as in, normally, comversations flow easily for me, but today, it was just bad.. thankfully it was just me and florence in the end.. so i didn't have to rack my brains desperately to squeeze an ounce of conversing to some unknown person...sigh. stayed in the library from 2-8pm.. i had to get research done for my e-lang projects. i exhuasted the minute nus library. argh. came home, no dinner again as usual.. had bread and honey. and my mom's bread is usually really good.. just that because we need to move house, like soon, she's clearing the stock. and when something's exhuasted, she doesn't replenish, so the bread was rather dry. i feel dry.

point is, i blasted music on my comp, til i could hear the electric guitar really audibly, the thumpings(ok. wrong word. plus, on hindsight, i think that's the bass). had the sudden urge to go a bit crazy on an electric guitar. plus since andrew has hijacked my acoutic guit, it's high time i picked up another instrument... sigh.

today was just one of those days you wish you stayed under the covers in bed, with the rain beating down on your windowpane, with the wind howling, with the windchimes chiming like crazy, with a hot mug of milo&horlicks.

i feel like a kid sometimes.

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