Sunday, April 16, 2006


heya. exams start this friday and end about 2 weeks later.

pray for me. exams have never been my forte. have my more than fair share of inadequacies regarding results, CAPs, bell curves, honours, stress..

as much as i want God to be glorified in all that i do, studies is one major area that i struggle. though i hardly talk much about it.

so pray for:

1. perserverance.
as much as i'm on my way to freedom in less than 3 weeks, to end later than a lot of people is going to be :(plus, i'm quite tired. not burnt out. but tired. spent the past 2 days sleeping.. AND i woke up this morning with flu-like symptoms. red, itchy, watery eyes AND nose.

2. i'll continue to be a blessing to others.
i'm not the only one going through this, er... to put it mildly, exams. there are more than 25,000 other nus students going through this too.. but, i'm blessed, because i've hope in Christ. pray that even in this stressful times, i would be a blessing to others.

3. enjoy studying.
need i say more? i am sadistic, i rather do projects and essays than to study=X i score better for them anyway...argh.

so, when you see this, pray for me. esp those who like my company so much, you would want me to spend an extra year in nus for honours with you=D haha. ok,that was thick-skinned.

ok, now onto hibernation for a few weeks in some corner of the library...

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