Tuesday, April 11, 2006

thank God for FT

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anyway, i'm really glad i went for FT today. not because of the aftermath, but because of the message. once again God spoke and encouraged. especially today. i really needed encouragement and reaffirment from God.

when i agreed to serve in arts comm, i was really excited especially when it became clear to me the whole purpose of campus ministry. and to have God reaffirming that it was by seeking Him through prayer, that people would be reached.

however, as the weeks wore on, and as i talked to more people, and as i realised that my term as cgl was ending, and as i started to put more pressure on myself, and as i felt that there was starting to have some form of pressure from people... i could feel my enthusiasm waning. on top of that, to start to actually see the state of vcf and the vcfers and nus, i got really burdened. burdened because, i felt helpeless, that i didn't know what to do. also to see how man can be at times..

especially after monday's supposed final arts comm meeting and stuff about cg, plus the stress of that crazy engine gem which i had s/u-ed yet gotten a brit scholar whose grades are counted plus the toll of meeting people.... it really got to me. that when i meet JL to pray in the morning, i told her i didn't want to talk anymore. it culminated when i met E & Lz... that there was this huge burden on me.

but, i'm glad i went for FT. even though time and time again i encourage (although it ends up as nagging to majority) my cg members to go for it, which makes me have to rethink of how to pass on conviction to the people.. once again God spoke. but this time, it was a strange mix of comfort and conviction.

comfort because God's work never stops nor fails.

conviction because all of God's work is to reach and save the lost.

and there's a huge huge huge harvest field here in nus. every time dr Patrick Fung brought up a new point like when he talked about crossing cultural barriers and international students, i would smile and start poking JL. heh. it's really amazing how God works.

and it's my prayer that each one of us who went for today's FT would, as Barnabas had, be sensitive to God's prompting and the needs of the people around them.

and for each one of those who didn't get a chance to hear, it's my prayer that you would also learn likewise.

anyway, on other happy notes:
i thank God once again for friends to brave crazy temperatures in lt 29, which i found out after talking to Em from medicine, that her med mates initially found the lt to be warm. so, they called the nus people to lower the temperature. and the nus people probably got so irritated, they brought it down so low, i( and many many others) was shivering from the inside, that when i (finally!) got the chance to nominate CMS, i was not talking sense.. couldn't even articulate which faculty i was from. ha.

and the abundant donations of food.. it's good to be broke, but yeah, thanks D&M^ ^

and the wonderful sms from wen that she booked the air tickets to HK today!!!!!!!

and a nice grade for el2111 presentation. the presentation that got me rather confused... because i wanted to go one way and S another... heh

oh, and i almost forgot, a nicely wrapped piece of banana chocolate cake from a tutorial mate:) that's another story to tell for another time.



--jeelee-- said...

I'm glad I went for FT. One of the things God reminded me of is to be faithful even in the work in NUS. As the veil is slowly being lifted, I slowly am seeing where my future harvest field is and I'm so excited about it (tho sometimes fear creaps in) and it's so easy to see this place as my training ground - therefore, forgetting the calling I first had to come here and be faithful in my service here. :)

Crossing cultural boundaries TOGETHER!! :)

Cheers babe!

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