Saturday, April 22, 2006

someone to watch over me

ah. Katherine Mcphee sang this song this week on American Idol. i thought Someone To Watch Over Me is such a beautiful song, and it was even more beautiful, because katherine sang it:)

Someone to watch over me
There's a saying old, says that love is blind
Still w're often told, "seek and ye shall find"
So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind

Looking everywhere, haven't found him yet
He's the big affair I cannot forget
Only man I ever think of with regret

I'd like to add his initial to my monogram
Tell me, where is the shepherd for this lost lamb?

There's a somebody I'm longin' to see
I hope that he, turns out to be
Someone who'll watch over me

I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood
I know I could, always be good
To one who'll watch over me

Although he may not be the man some
Girls think of as handsome
To my heart he carries the key

Won't you tell him please to put on some speed
Follow my lead, oh, how I need
Someone to watch over me

oh, ace young is out. like finally...

speaking of songs, same birthday and i were just talking about stuff and the conversation kinda evolved into this:

weiying// everyone's acting strangely.. & so am i says:
i was singing in the showers: He's able, He's able, I know He's able, I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
` rong en - Be a Barnabee/ says:
i've been singing diff variations of songs with the word BE STILL
weiying// everyone's acting strangely.. & so am i says:
` rong en - Be a Barnabee/ says:
they were to counter "i dont wanna grow up, im a toys r us kid" and "que sara sara" songs playing in my head
weiying// says:
` rong en says:
i had to remind myself from hebs 5:5 that i HAD To grow up
weiying// says:
` rong en says:
weiying// says:
i keep thinking how to dress up as snoopy. hahaha
` rong en says:
*raises eyebrow*
` rong en says:
sometimes, i feel like oscar the grouch, others, i feel like cookie monster
weiying// says:
weiying// says:
sometimes i feel like the green monster in the rubbish bin (what's that called?) when i eat too much
` rong en says:
oscar the grouch lah

we were trying to destress after a very stressful week of school. and we both agreed, this was the weirdest week of school. ever. it wasn't just the school work. for me, certain issues i was intending to deal with after the exams, took on different forms (macham like ghost liddat) and because it got too much to bear, i had to let it out. which i did yesterday (thanks jL). plus people have been telling me things which i don't want to hear, or rather, i don't want to hear because now is not the time lah. and everyday, there is some new development in arts comm. really. every. day. and the reason why the past few weeks i was so busy meeting people, was because i hoped to free myself up (and others) to just concentrate on exams. but, oh well. they come and they go.

the one thing i ask is really to be still and know that God IS God. just like Psalm 131 says to "quieten down oneself like a weaned child with his mother", i must also quieten down myself before God. especially in decision-making. to make sure that whatever is decided is not of me, but of God.

yup, oh well.. no point blogging so much.. spending time with God is more important. so nitey.

ohoh.. argh. pray for me. i had a major diarrhea( i swear this word is spelt wrong. but i'm going to be lazy) just now in school.. but unfortunately, the stomach still ain't totally cleared... it's a mix of constipation and diarrhea.. the worst case of stomach aches. argh argh=X

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