Friday, April 14, 2006

sunset moonrise

today's cg gathering was ultra cool.

the walk to west coast took about half an hour. we sat on the grass at the field. and adrian was late (talking to someone as usual lah). but then, while we were all waiting for him, we were just chatting and stuff. when adrian finally arrived, he walked slowly taking pictures of the sky, and only then we turned to see a truly beautiful sunset.

i read a few days ago somewhere that we should admire the works of nature, not for their beauty, but because of The Maker.

what was more amazing was that, we all got to see a moon-rise. ultra cool. we were all staring at this light blur behind an apartment block, and bit by bit, we would see the moon inch out more.

i can only say that God is truly amazing. He has created such beautiful works of art, to tell of His glory. at the same time, He gives us a chance to appreciate them.

which reminds me of a song. i'm going to introduce a new song!! since, it appears that How Great Is Our God (sing with me) has been so firmly imprinted in people's minds^ ^ there's another song that sings of God's great love:)

Sing of Your great love

All that is within me Lord
Will bless Your Holy name
I live my life to worship You alone
You brought me out of darkness
And into Your glorious light
Forever I will sing of Your great love
Forever I will sing of Your great love

I love to see You glorified
To see You lifted high
I yearn to see all nations bow their knees
It's You alone Lord Jesus
Who can cause the coldest heart
To find Your love and everlasting peace
To find Your love and everlasting peace

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord

Your trumpet will sound
And all heavens will know
That the time has finally come
For the bride to take Her place
And we'll hear the angels sing

it's my prayer that each one of us would truly yearn to see people, nations bow their knees before such a beautiful and wonderful God.

today's sharing was good. especially to see how each one of us have grown in God^ ^ and it's my prayer that each one of us would allow ourselves to be used by God to bring the gospel to people to find God's love and everlasting peace. the people who would one day bow their knees before God's throne in heaven to sing of God's great love;)

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