Wednesday, April 19, 2006

thank God for blessings.

when the going gets tough, count your blessings..

was quite agitated with today's minimal amount of studying. and the stress of not being able to retain stuff in the brain. and a whole lot of other nonsense... and it shows when i start to talk incoherently.. then again, i talk incoherently all the time. left for home much earlier than usual to rest, since i was starting to see nothing but blurs of dots.

on the way home, i remembered that the exams start on friday, and half of my cg had not emailed their exam timetables.. so i spent the mrt ride, smsing them. and by the time i reached woodlands, i got quite a few replies.. which, really warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. been really struggling the past few weeks trying to reach out to some of the members, and it was good to see that they kinda reciprocrated by asking how they could pray for me. of course pessimists can jolly say that it's the only polite thing to do, but, i choose to see that God is working and that though the journey may be loooooong, it ain't that long=D

and then, when i stepped out of the mrt station, it started to drizzle. it was the kind of mao mao yu that reminded me of the last trip to hk, where the drizzle was so fine, it was akin to walking in a mist. but, because this is singapore (ha!) the fine mist turned into droplets, then drops of rain and eventually, a shower. by the time i reached my block, it started to pour. just nice:) have not walked in the rain for a loooooooooong time. though this ain't the best time to do so, with exams in less than 2 days, i think, just enjoy it lah.

the third wonderful thing was that i came home to see muffins!! on the dining table. my favourite choc-banana and carrot muffins. very got for constipated times like this. but, those were not all, my mom baked oatmeal raisin cookies too.. =D i so feel like buying the bossini cookie monster shirt. mom has been so busy lately, she hasn't been baking on the spur of the moment, so, these definitely made me happy, esp after eating snacks for dinner.

i checked my email to receive the wonderful news that wen booked rooms at ymca for our hk trip already! so exciting *grinz*plus a nice reply from her too. the poor girl has a fever now though=X better pray for her that she wouldn't,in her lack of (muscle) strength, drop any patients..

the ultimate had to be mark's email, though. after 'complaining' on behalf of debs yesterday to him, that he always wrote short emails, he replied today with a much much longer email of nonsensical questions, which i think debs and i can take our time to reply. heh. oh boy. miss him much. though, he's another one with mood swings.. would miss debs & matt to when they go for exchange next sem. but ah. cheryl & mark would be back=D

speaking of which, things in arts comm are starting to fall quite nicely into place.. though i still hope that more vcfers would have the conviction and stand up to serve, i've been learning that it's all really in God's time. to simply commit to God and see how He is the one who does the work. now, 6 out of 7 cgs have cgls! Praise God! (though co-cgls is always less taxing). but, today, as i counted, i realised that out of the 6 confirmed cgls, 4 of them are guys. which also means, 2 are girls. and this is not inclusive of the others still (hopefully) praying.. when delia and ryan prayed for more guys this year (05/06), i don't think any of us expected such an answer. which, should be good, rite? but, being a human (female), i must say, it's going to be a challenge..

oh well. we'll let tomorrow worry for itself. i'm off to bathe and then sleep. and (hopefully) i'll be up in time to watch the NUS Rat Race. Don't miss it! 8 a.m @ Central Library. if i could, i would include a clip here on my blog, but, i don't think i want a sudden increase in readership.... would like to keep this little enclave as close as possible;)

good nite:)

p/s 7 blessings in half an hour. try to top that!


matt said...

hey Ade, your mum's cookie was really good...

but as for choc banana and carrot muffins -ah well just not my cup of tea - reminds me of how my mother always bakes stuff that i don't eat...

something tells me that yours truly was implied to be "another one with mood swings" - if so, well i concur... if not, whatever *storms off in a huff*

purplecross said...

as if to prove your point:)